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Short term car insurance for the under-25s

The insurance business is a funny thing. Companies are no longer allowed to give discounts to a customer on the basis of their sex, even if statistics show that women drivers tend to have less expensive accidents. Which they do. They can, however, charge more for young drivers, on the basis of what statistics say about their driving skills.

I propose that, if this is the case, there should be special policies for the following groups of people:

• Women - or men - who fasten eyelashes onto their headlights, on the basis that the headlights might blink just at the wrong moment, causing a crash.
• Anybody driving a 'mid-life crisis' car, because they definitely can't see properly whilst wearing mirrored sunglasses and their skinny jeans might cause deep vein thrombosis at any moment.
• Drivers with their collection of Disney bobble-heads carefully taped to the dashboard. It's almost certain that at some point, one of these drivers will be put into a trance by the hypnotic bobbing eyes of Tigger and drive into the wrong lane.
• People who claim to have been abducted by extra-terrestrials at any point during the previous five years. Let's face it; if they weren't abducted, they may start hallucinating green men and swerve to avoid them and if they were abducted, their motor functions might be under the control of an alien power.
• If the car is powered by pixie dust, there should be a special policy to allow for the possibility that everybody might stop believing in fairies all at the same time, causing a catastrophic build-up of stalled vehicles on the roads of Britain. Or at the very least, Essex.
• Manchester United supporters. I think this one is self-explanatory.

In all seriousness, there are many young people who, having worked hard to pass their driving tests and through no fault of their own, discover that they can't afford to insure a car. However, when it comes to short term insurance, it's less of a layout and can allow the young person to take a holiday, visit a potential employer in another city or move belongings to a new house. It's all part of growing up. Just don't attach eyelashes to the hire-car!

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